Where Are Libraries & Book Stores Shelving Bilingual Children’s Books?

Marisol McDonald and the Clash DashVisiting a book store in Oregon last week, I was delighted that they had some of my children’s books in their welcoming children’s section. (As an author, I’m usually almost wary about looking for my books in book stores.) When I asked if they had any of my bilingual children’s books (Spanish/English), I was directed to the foreign language section on another floor. Book Fiesta

When I sign bilingual books, some bilingual families are delighted that they can enjoy both languages, and often today, monolingual English-speaking families are delighted that their children want to learn Spanish. I’m going to contact the book store suggesting that all children’s books be​ shelved in the appealing children’s Surrender Tree section to be enjoyed by all children and families. If such books are checked out more and more by families visiting their libraries and bought by all kinds of families, maybe more presses will be excited about publishing these books, and more book stores will be excited about displaying and sharing these books.


Poetry and Music

Take a moment to enjoy two of Pat’s poems that have been set to music:

MUSE, a women’s choir in Cincinnati, OH, included Pat’s poem “Let Us Now Hold Hands” from Agua Santa: Holy Water on their album Sing to the Universe Who We Are.
Agua Santa Holy Water

Colorado composer David E. Bell converted nine of the poems from Adobe Odes to songs for contralto, flute, viola, and harp. Listen to “Ode to Tea:”
Adobe Odes

National Diverse Book Community

For years, I’ve written and spoken about the importance of fostering a national diverse book community: authors and illustrators, publishers, editors, publicists, reviewers, award committees, librarians, teachers, families, and readers of all ages. Our country’s plurality as reflected in our schools needs and deserves books that share our voices and stories. We Need Diverse Books–books by diverse authors–reviewed by major outlets; published, creatively marketed, purchased and read by librarians, teachers and families. We are each needed to create this national diverse book community.

Celebrate Screen-Free Week

From May 4-10, children, families, and communities around the world are rediscovering the joys of life beyond the screen, unplugging from digital entertainment and spending their free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with family and friends. More

Screen-Free Week

Happy Día 2015!


Laurina Cashin & Bobbie Combs

Laurina Cashin & Bobbie Combs

How I have enjoyed reading about the many April Children’s Day, Book Day, El día de los niños, El día de los libros celebrations across the country this month. Congratulations to all of you who have brought smiles and books to children this April. I wish I knew all your names and could list them.
Joanna Ison

Joanna Ison

Special thanks to my wonderful web team and friends, Bobbie Combs and Laurina Cashin, who have been so committed to Día year after year. Also, thanks and a sad goodbye to Joanna Ison, the Program Officer at ALSC the last few years who became my friend as we worked together to promote Día throughout the year. I will miss you, Joanna!

After your celebrations, please take a moment to email us your favorite photo that reflects the spirit of Día 2015. We’re collecting those to make a special Día video for 2016.

As together we build excitement about Día’s 20th Anniversary April 2016, here’s my answer to What’s Día:

Children’s Day, Book Day, El día de los niños, El día de los libros (Día)

  • a year-long initiative of creative literacy day by day, día por día
  • annual April Children’s Day, Book Day fiestas that celebrate all our children and a year of exciting them about bookjoy

Día, also used for our Diversity in Action, is supported and sponsored by the Association for Library Services to Children, a division of the American Library Association, REFORMA and other library organizations, schools and other educational institutions, literacy organizations including First Book, presses, families and readers.

Bookjoy to each of you! Pat