It’s Díapalooza!

Please join us right here for DÍAPALOOZA, a month-long, virtual celebration of El día de los niños, El día de los libros/Children’s Day, Book Day. Every day during April, the post(s) will celebrate and support Día’s main goal of daily linking all children to books, languages and cultures.

We’re inviting your participation and hope you’ll send us visuals—videos, photos, posters, children’s art work; as well as stories, interviews, poetry, anecdotes, testimonials; interesting and surprising Día facts; quotes from kids, families, teachers and librarians; sayings and proverbs about reading and literacy; and special or funny Bookjoy moments. Send us cool Día ideas big and small as well as best practices. Your submissions can be humorous and fun or serious; inside or outside the box. Try and keep your submission to less than 200 words.

When we need it: March 15 is our deadline though we welcome your submission now.

The format: Short text can be in an email; longer text in a Word doc. Send photos as a jpeg; web resolution is okay. Submit artwork as a pdf or jpeg.

Where to send it:

If you don’t feel you can contribute a post, please stop by Bookjoy in April for fun and inspiration; read the posts and comment.

Please forward to friends and colleagues. Feel free to post on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information on El día de los niños, El día de los libros/Children’s Day, Book Day, go to the Día pages on Pat’s website or ALSC’s Día site.

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