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La Hermosa Senora

"Historically and to the present, the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a powerful symbol for Mexicans, people of Mexican descent, Latinos, Catholics, and all who find comfort in her."
—from the Author's Note

The Bakery Lady La senora de la panaderia
The Gift of the Poinsettia: El regalo de la flor de nochebuena
A Pinata in a Pine Tree:  A Latino Twelve Days of Christmas

Pat's New Book, The Beautiful Lady: Our Lady of Guadalupe

As usual in this Thanksgiving season, I'm grateful for an abundance of blessings. This year, the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe falls on 12/12/12. A big gracías to my friends at Knopf and to the illustrators, Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher, for having this beautiful book ready for a December 11 pub date. Stories with deep cultural roots transcend the work of any author. It's a joy to be part of sharing this rich tradition.

"Regardless of your beliefs, the tale of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a fascinating one, and Mora gives it a warm treatment befitting the beloved material. A framing device aims the story at young readers: two little girls look at a small statue of the Virgin Mary and ask Grandma Lupita, 'Who's that pretty lady?' ... Mora approaches the story without tricks, using simple, delicate language, while Johnson and Fancher employ aged-looking earth-toned paintings and surround them with patterned borders when depicting the past. A two-page author's note fleshes out the tale and describes Our Lady's continuing influence."—Booklist

"Mora's rendition truly honors the sacred and spiritual event that remains especially important to the people of Mexico, and that readers of all ages and nationalities will appreciate. A story of hope, persistence, faith, and reverence, this is a perfect book for this holiday season!"—

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Bookjoy for the Holidays!

The Bakery Lady/La señora de la panadería
2011 - 10th anniversary
In this colorful bilingual picture book, Mónica yearns to be a baker like her grandparents. Her first real test comes as she and her beloved grandparents prepare for the coming celebration of January sixth, Feast of the Three Kings, el Día de los Reyes Magos.

The Gift of the Poinsettia: El regalo de la flor de nochebuena
2010 - 15th anniversary
As he participates in the festivities of Las Posadas, preparing for the birth of Christ, a young Mexican boy worries about what gift he will have for the baby Jesus.

A Piñata in a Pine Tree: A Latino Twelve Days of Christmas
A festive Latino twist on "The Twelve Days of Christmas," populated with piñatas in place of partridges, as well as burritos bailando (dancing donkeys), lunitas cantando (singing moons) and much more, all displayed in the most vivid colors imaginable.

Explore curriculum activities and classroom ideas for these holiday titles as well as for all of Pat's books. A complete activities index easily links to all activities.

Some thoughts for 2013. Wishing you joyous holidays.