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The Beautiful Lady: Our Lady of Guadalupe
It's such a privilege to publish a book about Our Lady of Guadalupe. As I say in the author note, her image always hung in my parent's bedroom, and for me, she's the symbol of the feminine force in the universe, loving and strong. I'm grateful to Nancy Hinkel, my Knopf editor who believed in this book, and to the amazingly talented illustrators Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher.

I've collected some images of Our Lady of Guadalupe and am sharing them on my website. Please email your own images and we'll post them there too.

Zing! Seven Creativity Practices for Educators & Students
How I enjoy talking with educators about creativity and about these seven creativity symbols! This fall will provide more opportunities to discuss ZING! and to listen to teachers & librarians discuss their attitudes about their own creativity and for us to explore together how to apply my seven creativity practices to their own lives and to nurturing creativity in their students/patrons. I wrote the book because teachers would confide, "I want to do what you do. Tell me how to do it." Now at workshops, I get to listen and learn too.

Developing Día
Think literacy is essential in a democracy? I do! I believe in bookjoy for all! The word patriotism will be used a lot in the coming months. Well, fostering a love of reading is a patriotic act since we want all our children to know the pleasure and power of reading, the liberation of knowledge. Outreach to diverse families needs our collective attention. The beginning of the academic year is the perfect time to explore how we each can support Día in our community linking all children to books, languages and cultures day by day, día por día.

Enjoy autumn & share bookjoy!

Watch for Pat Online and in Person!

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