Bookjoy, Wordjoy by Pat Mora
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Bookjoy, Wordjoy

Bookjoy, Wordjoy
Lee & Low Books, illustrated by Raúl Colón
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Whether we are collecting words, reading favorite books in the library, celebrating holidays, writing poems, sharing secrets, or singing a jazzy duet, words and books can take us on wonderful adventures and bring us joy. Poet Pat Mora has brought together a collection of her poems that celebrates engaging with words and books in all these ways and more. Vivid illustrations by Raúl Colón bring the poems to life and interpret the magic of the language with captivating images in a style influenced by Mexican muralists. Together the poems and illustrations are sure to inspire creative wordplay in readers of all ages.

We can read, you and I,
see letters become words,
and words become books...
You and I read, round and round,
bookjoy around the world.

Highlighted Reviews
Green star icon"Two stellar vets come together to celebrate wordplay. In her introduction, Mora writes about her love of poetry and “the fun of listening to words, combining words, and playing with words,” emphasizing that each person is unique, so their wordplay will be as well. This leads into a marvelous collection of poems that extol the fun, adventure, and emotion that come with using one's words...A joyous invitation to put pen (or paintbrush) to paper."—Booklist, starred review
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"Young bibliophiles, logophiles, and poetry lovers will cherish this collected volume of Mora’s verse, beautifully illustrated by Colón...Mora’s love for language and wordplay is infectious; rhyme, alliteration, and onomatopoeia all make their way into the poems and will ensure lively group reading...Librarians and educators could easily use this title in lessons on creative writing, from poetry to memoir...Perfectly suited to libraries, a top addition to poetry collections."—School Library Journal
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"In this collection of loosely themed poems, including some previously published selections, Mora expresses her full-on love of language and everything it can create...Her openhearted enthusiasm and sense of wonder is always evident and inviting, and there’s plenty of “you go, young poet” encouragement woven throughout the verses."—Publishers Weekly
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"The virtues of reading and playing with words collide in Mora and Colón's latest collaboration. Mora begins with an appeal: "Let's read, let's write, let's explore galore!" The subsequent series of poems demonstrates the dual importance of bookjoy, "the fun of reading," and wordjoy, "the fun of writing." The author peppers Spanish phrases here and there to add some new layers to a gratifying collection. Joy indeed."—Kirkus Reviews
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"Pat Mora and Raul Colón's third picture book collaboration is a joyful, vibrant celebration of words, books and the imagination... Mora's poems--in English with Spanish phrases sprinkled throughout--are descriptive and entertaining, wholly accessible to the young reader. And Colón's illustrations perfectly match Mora's text, his art dynamic, full of life and color...Bookjoy, Wordjoy is exactly that: Pat Mora and Raúl Colón's collaborative celebration of all things books and words."—Shelf Awarnesss
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