Pat’s Family Photo Album

My Daughter the Writer & Consultant
Libby Martinez
My daughter, Libby Martinez, and I have written two children’s books: I Pledge Allegiance and Bravo, Chico Canta! Bravo!. In addition to writing children’s books and poetry, she’s a a lawyer and consultant. Libby’s website.
My Son the Ecologist, Editor, Writer
Bill Burnside
My son Dr. Bill Burnside is an Associate Editor of Nature Sustainability.

My Daughter the Cat Vet & Artist
Dr. B and

My Husband the Archaeologist
Vern ScarboroughMy husband, Dr. Vern Scarborough, is a Distinguished University Research Professor and Charles P. Taft Professor Emeritus from the University of Cincinnati.
My Son-in-Law the Historian
My Son-in_Law the Historian
Dr. Roger Martinez Dávila, an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, studies medieval and early modern Spanish history.
Roger’s website
My Sister the Nurse & Author
My Sister the Nurse & AuthorMy sister, Stella Mora-Henry, who has vast experience in caring for the elderly has written, THE ELDERCARE HANDBOOK: DIFFICULT CHOICES, COMPASSIONATE SOLUTIONS with the assistance of my sister-in-law Ann Convery. This practical and wise book is available in English and Spanish editions from HarperCollins. Read more about Stella’s work.

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