Creativity Salon

Writing about Zing! Seven Creativity Practices for Educators & Students, I thought about the creative process and how we are all creative, right? Since developing that part of ourselves enriches our lives and the lives of those around us, I decided to make creativity a major theme of my blog. Spring 2011, I started a Bookjoy Creativity Salon. You can read the blog posts below.

Be Creative!

David Bell, composer
Father Murray Bodo, OFM, priest, author
Erica Brown, teen, author
Monica Brown, children’s author
Jen Bryant, children’s author
Lee Byrd, publisher, author
Christina Díaz Gonzalez, author, lawyer
Margarita Engle, children’s author
David Fernández-Barrial and Jill Garcia, librarians
Diana Garcia, professor, poet
Guadalupe Garcia McCall, children’s author, poet, teacher
David Gardner, illustrator
Maya Gonzalez, artist, author, educator
Dr. Janice Gould, professor, poet, musician
Anna Jaquez, metal artist
Uma Krishnaswami, children’s author
Raphael López, artist, illustrator
Maria Melendez, editor, poet
Yuyi Morales, author, illustrator
Malena Mörling, professor, poet
Diana Nunez, videographer
John Parra, illustrator, designer
Monica Rosas Baines, psychologist
Steve Schecter, filmmaker, writer
Diane Stanley, children’s author
Marina Tristan, assistant press director
Sylvia Vardell, professor, poetry advocate