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Children's Day Book Day 28th Anniversary

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25th Anniversary Q & A with Pat Mora

Video of Pat reading Book Fiesta! Celebrate Children's Day/Book Day, Celebremos El día de los niños/El día de los libros

CDBD Haiku
New books every spring.
We read, celebrate. "Hooray!"
Children's Day, Book Day.

Children's Day, Book Day Flyer
Personalize with your organization's logo or website.
Planning Booklet
A compilation of ways to celebrate all our children and excite them about bookjoy.

ALSC Materials
Find graphics, booklists and more on the ALSC's Children's Day, Book Day site.
Videos to Share
We encourage libraries, schools, universities, literacy organizations, and all who wish to promote Día to share these videos on social media, showcase them on your website, and share them with patrons, students and families. The spots were created by Día Dynamos Christy Vasquez, a retired librarian and Thom Eberhardt, a retired screenwriter. As Sky City Productions, they created and filmed these spots to assist in promoting Día nationally. How generous of them to donate their creative talents for all of us to share!

Please note:
The above videos are meant for use with websites and presentations. They are not broadcast standard.

How to share these videos: Click the central arrow to start playing the video, and then click on the YouTube video in the lower right. The video will open up on our YouTube channel. Beneath the video, you can:
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  • Click "Embed" to copy code that you can paste into a website that will embed the video on that site (like we have done on this page.)
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Public Service Announcements
ALSC invited Pat to record these Día Public Service Announcements. We hope you'll share them to encourage families to participate in your Día celebrations! These are downloadable, broadcast-quality audio mp3 files. To download, right-click on the PSA, select "save link as," choose computer file location and click "save." You can find scripts for these PSA's on the ALSC Día site.
10-second PSA

15-second PSA

20-second PSA

30-second PSA
15-second PSA en Español

20-second PSA en Español

20-second PSA en Español

30-second PSA en Español

30-second PSA en Español

Helpful Websites

Association of Library Service to Children (ALSC)

First Book

Literacy & Teaching Organizations and Websites

State and Regional Library Associations