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Lee & Low Webinar: The Power of Poetry with Poet and Storyteller Pat Mora featured tips and strategies about how to use poetry with students in various educational settings. Watch it here:
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Poetry Power: Word Play in Schools

Dear Teachers,
Poetry is my favorite genre. I like reading it and writing it and find that, like me when I was young, children of all ages enjoy poetry, especially when it's presented with enthusiasm. For ideas to help introduce your students to poetry's music and fun, consult the various books on the topic. Enjoy Poetry Aloud Here! Sharing Poetry with Children in the Library by one of my favorite poetry champions for young people, Dr. Sylvia Vardell. Another good resource for including poetry in your planning is Give Them Poetry! A Guide for Sharing Poetry with Children K-8 by Glenna Sloan. You will find such books full of helpful ideas.

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Sing on the Page: Poetry Resources and Activities for Teens
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