Delicious Hullabaloo/ Panchanga Deliciosa
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Delicious Hullabaloo.

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2018: 20th anniversary

Delicious Hullabaloo/Pachanga deliciosa
Piñata Books/Arte Público Press, illustrated by Francisco X. Mora
Bilingual audio edition produced by Live Oak Media
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Pat Mora’s whimsical poem, presented bilingually with a Spanish translation by Alba Nora Martínez, tells of birds, armadillos, and other creatures who join together in a kitchen one “orange night” to make merry beneath the desert moon. Exhilarated by the strains of a lizard mariachi band, these hungry creatures will gobble anything! Only the most delicious of hullabaloos can satisfy their appetites tonight. And only Francisco X. Mora’s captivating, colorful illustrations could catch them at play on the page.

Highlighted Reviews
"Poetic Fiesta. Colorful Southwestern motifs add spice to the starlight feast of reveling lizards and armadillos … The fun, lilting text praises hot food, summer nights and good amigos."—Publishers Weekly

"Lime lizards and purple armadillos sashay to the music and rhyming text in this simple story of a desert dinner party. Presented bilingually with a Spanish translation  … this western frolic is winsomely illustrated  … [S]erve this one up with salsa and mariachi music."—Booklist

"Lively and colorful illustrations of dancing armadillos and salsa making lizards abound in this savory book. Mora’s poetic language and the sun-washed colors of the character animals and their food make this book a delight for the senses—it’s hard not to cha-cha while reading it aloud." —Barbara Hidon, San Antonio Express-News

"Some lizards have a colorful fiesta eating fruit, making salsa, and drinking moonlight on a wonderful evening in this delightful English and Spanish poetic tale. So much fun you’ll wish you could join them."—Ohioana Quarterly

"I liked it when the armadillo said, "Quick! Call our amigos." Did you know amigos means friends in Spanish? This book was written in English and Spanish. My nana who lives with me read me this book. She speaks Spanish real good. The animals are having a party, the Spanish part is pachanga. The lagartijas (small lizards) like mangoes and the pajartias (little birds) ate sweet cherries. The armadillos ate salsa and the small lizards played música with guitarras. This book was fun to read. Bailaban after all the animals ate. That means they danced."—Jacob Angel, first grader, review in the Albuquerque Journal