My Magic Wand: Growing with the Seasons Coming September 21, 2021!

My Magic Wand: Growing with the Seasons
Lee and Low Books, illustrated by Amber Alvarez
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Would you like to…

write with a magic wand?
sled down a snowy slope in winter?
plant flowers in a garden in spring?
splash in a pool like a fish in summer?
ride high up on a horse in autumn?
blow out birthday candles?

Come share the fun of these activities, and more, with a spunky young girl enjoying a year of growth, creativity, and discovery with her diverse family and friends.

Highlighted Reviews
“Poems with kid appeal. In the opening, titular poem, the main character declares that she is 5 years old. The poems that follow encompass the four seasons and explore topics that are meaningful to the age group, such as art projects, gardening with Mom, taking care of a pet, and more. The poems are accompanied by vivid illustrations to bring the symbolic language to life. Mora makes use of alliteration, onomatopoeia, and refrain to keep verses interesting. She reminds readers in the author’s note that not all poems rhyme, and she demonstrates this with a compilation of poems that largely don’t but still provide satisfying read-aloud potential. Each poem is a snapshot of what feels most important to a kindergarten-age child, including the death of a friend’s pet snail. As the poems continue, the passage of time is indicated with the lengthening of the protagonist’s hair, and the collection ends with a sixth birthday party illustration and poem. A handful of Spanish words and phrases appear in several poems, including one titled “Speaking Spanish,” in which the family travels to Mexico, but it is not a bilingual book. The main character, modeled on Mora’s granddaughter, has peach skin with blond hair and brown eyes. Other characters appear to have light brown or white skin and brown hair and eyes. A sweet first poetry collection takes young readers through the seasons."—Kirkus Reviews