A Writing Journey

ChantsMy first book, Chants, was published in 1984 by Arte Público Press at the University of Houston. I was an administrator at the University of Texas at El Paso when my first copy arrived. Thanks to my mom, I’d grown up loving books, libraries, and reading in the desert city of El Paso. How happy it made me to hold that little book Chants with my name on it.

Since then, I’ve published seven books of poetry for adults and young adults and three books of nonfiction, one a family memoir, House of Houses. A mom and grandmom, I’ve also had the pleasure of publishing many books for children.

How does a book evolve?

Recently, I’ve had an idea for a novella I’d like to try as I wait hopefully for editors to smile on some of my pending manuscripts. I’m a plant person, so as I putter inside and out, I’m listening to the main character of the novella. I know what she does–her work–but I’m listening for a signature musical phrase, her theme, to accompany me/us on our verbal journey.