Teachers: Make Lasting Connections With Your Students

At this time of year, both students and teachers find themselves in classrooms with new faces. How do teachers cultivate their own and students’ creativity and foster new lasting connections? Here’s an excerpt from Zing! Seven Creativity Practices for Educators and Students, Pat’s book supporting inventive teaching.

ZING! Seven Creativity Practices for Educators & Students“Educators are incredibly important people; you change lives. How do we make the necessary time, space, and support to guide a student to value her creativity? How do we see his inventive capacities and assist him to develop them? A key strategy is through establishing a personal connection.

Committed librarians and teacher who work with young people are optimists: You invest a good part of your life, your talents, and your enthusiasm in the next generation. What energy is required! Why is such important work often undervalued?

Because we know students need to develop their inventive selves, we can connect with them, listen to and honor their stories, create time and a welcoming place as we encourage them to value and release their imaginations, as we affirm their specific talents and offer our helpful support.”