Adobe Odes: 49 Poems to Stop and Savor

Adobe Odes by Pat Mora

"[This] collection of poems invites her readers to slow down, turn inward and appreciate the beauty in simplicity…an exercise in giving thanks…If your life has become so frantic and busy that all you can focus on is what task you can check off today’s list, then Mora’s odes may be just the medicine for what ails you…The spaces between her words are as enticing as what she chooses to put on the page. The odes breathe and allow the reader to reflect without competition. Give this collection as a gift to someone special or savor it yourself."—La Herencia



Colorado composer David E. Bell converted nine of the poems in Adobe Odes to songs for contralto, flute, viola, and harp. Listen to “Ode to Tea.”

Take a Poetry Pause
Listen to Pat read
“Ode to Sunflowers” from Adobe Odes.


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