When do you feel most alive? Mull that a bit. I started writing these occasional posts as a way to return to this important question.

I am more ALIVE because I’m a reader. You?

May 2019

PeoniesI hadn’t thought of this season that I wait for with great anticipation as a verb too, of course–to leap. The spring season does have plants springing up and leaves appearing. Blossoms too. Ah, even here in the New Mexico desert, the scent of lilacs, sweetens the breeze. Lilacs require that we be attentive since though lovely, like many spring flowers, lilacs don’t last long.

Neither do the huge pink peony buds, a neighbor’s amazing gift. I am mesmerized by the stunning beauty, how the huge, opening blooms transform a room.

How can each of us also transform our spaces, share our talents generously, naturally, do our good work in the world? And what work is needed so that our wonderful country with its high aspirations of equality for all stuns our world by our example. Each of us is needed. Let’s be stunners ;).

March 2019

So much snow this year in Santa Fe! How fortunate I feel safe and warm reading One Hundred Poems from the Chineseby Kenneth Rexroth.

“The city is full of flying pear flowers.”

I enjoy Penelope Lively’s Oleander, Jacaranda: A Childhood Perceived. All her wise and witty perceptions. How lucky I am to be a reader and to have access to books. Do you too savor that blessing? How it expands our lives and connects us across languages and countries. Diverse humans.

Across our country, educators—teachers, librarians, publishers–who are not only readers but reading advocates are planning their annual Children’s Day, Book Day celebrations on April 30th, a year of connecting children to bookjoy. Families join this yearlong commitment at home and can participate in the spring community celebrations.

I am more ALIVE because I’m a reader. You?


January 2019

leaves“When do you feel most alive?”

Years ago, a woman at a dinner asked that question. I’ve been thinking about these words as 2019 begins. Since I’m now (shock) a grandmother, and my three grown children are older than I am ;), it isn’t that hard to answer: when I’m with my family, and when I’m writing, presenting, or savoring the natural world whether outside or in my small atrium.

And you: when do you feel most Alive?

Because to do my work, I spend quite a bit of time alone, I’m excited about writing short monthly notes to those of you who visit me on social media. Thanks for stopping by. I welcome your questions and send you warm wishes for a healthy and happy year–of being fully ALIVE.