Creativity Salon: an Interview with Raphael López

Today we’re featuring a reprise of an interview with Raphael López, the illustrator of Book Fiesta!, Pat’s book about Día. The original interview was done in March 2009.

An interview with Rafael López

Rafael López illustrated Pat’s book Yum! ¡Mmm! ¡Qué Rico! America’s Sproutings. Pat feels very lucky that he has now illustrated two of her books. We love his bold graphic style, bursting with imagination and intense color. We asked him a few questions about his work.

Tell us how you got started as an artist. What drew you to painting?
I grew up in a household of 2 architect parents who loved art books. They were very supportive of my love of drawing from a very early age and through my school years I was lucky enough to have the support and mentorship of wonderful teachers that encourage me to continue with my dream.

Tell us how you got started as an artist. What drew you to painting?
Finding a style needs to come naturally. I see many young talented people looking and imitating the latest trends and styles and I remember going through the same temptations early in my career.
Style will never come when it is forced, it needs to happen naturally, needs to be the result of life experiences, travels, beliefs, the kinds of things that inspire you in everyday life such as music, food, color, texture, family, politics, etc. With the passage of time you look back and surprise yourself by discovering a consistency in a personal style or “feel” to your work.
Mexico continues to influence me, having a second home there, I am connected to its past, its color, music, its history and one of my favorites…”texture.” I love old Mexican walls that show the years of wear, the many layers of paint that have been applied, they are like books that invite you to sit, observe and imagine.
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Did you know that the text for Book Fiesta began as a song? You can read about Día’s First Song and Book Fiesta’s history here.

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