Books for Your Día Celebration

It’s natural to have book giveaways at your Día and Bookjoy celebrations. First Book , a 2008 Día partner, can help provide books at other times of the year too, as the organization is doing for the South Carolina Department of Education, by supplying 300,000 new, free children’s books for the 2008 Back to School Book Donation. There are certain eligibility requirements; an entity must: (1) serve children where at least 50% are from low-income households, (2) be a Title I or Title I-eligible school, or (3) be a military family support program. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE GO TO


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  1. Pat, I am so happy to see you now have a blog. This way I can keep up with you. Haven’t spoken to you in a while but came across your name and thought I’d check it out. Tu amiga siempre,
    Teresa Cordero Cordell
    (formerly from Aprovecho website)

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