Communion: Poetry That Resonates

CommunionPublished in 1991, Pat’s third collection of poetry, Communion, resonates today as it provides a healing voice and an international perspective in considering the art of poetry itself, male/female relationships, separation from children, homeland and tradition. The concerns of our domestic culture in the U.S. are seen here from within the framework of the Third World in Asia and Latin America.

"Mora’s collection is aptly titled: her poems often reveal a communion of sorts between poet and subject that inspires the poet’s empathetic, imaginative response."—Betsy Colquitt, Texas Review of Books

"This collection is rich, spirited and promising, and it makes me want to read more of her work."—Hurricane Alice, A Feminist Review

Listen to this 1988 recording from VOCA, the University of Arizona Poetry Center’s Audio Video Library, as Pat reads some of the poems from Communion as well as from Chants (1984), Borders (1986) and Agua Santa: Holy Water (1997).

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