The Gift of the Poinsettia/El regalo de la flor de nochebuena

The Gift of the Poinsettia"This popular title introduces readers to a Mexican tradition and inspires them to think about gift-giving in a different way. The authors take children through each of the days of the posada (“inn”) tradition in which celebrants take figurines representing Mary and Joseph from one inn to another as they look for a place to rest. Carlos worries that he has no money to buy a special gift to offer the Christ Child, but his grandmother urges him to pick a flower along the way. This humble flower blossoms into a glorious poinsettia on Christmas Eve. An enjoyable selection for readers of any age."—Critcás

Classroom activities:

  • After learning about the origin of the name poinsettia, have students read about flower folklore and write a story based on their research or create a name for an imaginary flower and write and illustrate that story. The flower could, of course, be named after themselves or their friends which could lead to some interesting descriptions.
  • Humans enjoy celebrations. Have students study celebrations around the globe and share a holiday celebration important to their family.
  • Students can learn about legends and either re-tell a legend, particularly one native to their area or place of birth, or create their own legends.

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