Family Photo Album

Pat’s Family Photo Album

My Daughter the Writer & Consultant
Libby Martinez
My daughter, Libby Martinez, and I have written two upcoming children’s books. In addition to writing children’s books and poetry, she’s a a lawyer and consultant. Libby’s website.
My Son the Ecologist and Writer
Bill Burnside
My son Dr. Bill Burnside is a Postdoctoral Fellow at SESYNC in Annapolis. Bill’s website.

My Daughter the Cat Vet & Artist
Dr. B and ChopStixDr. B (with Chopstix) lives in Austin. Looking for a fantastic mobile cat veterinarian?

My Husband the Archaeologist
Vern ScarboroughMy husband, Dr. Vern Scarborough, is a professor of anthropology at the University of Cincinnati.
My Son-in-Law the Historian
My Son-in_Law the Historian
Dr. Martinez, an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, studies medieval and early modern Spanish history. Roger’s website
My Sister the Nurse & Author
My Sister the Nurse & AuthorMy sister, Stella Mora-Henry, who has vast experience in caring for the elderly has written, THE ELDERCARE HANDBOOK: DIFFICULT CHOICES, COMPASSIONATE SOLUTIONS with the assistance of my sister-in-law Ann Convery. This practical and wise book is available in English and Spanish editions from HarperCollins. Read more about Stella’s work.

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