Nurture, Savor, Collaborate and Prioritize

In the Coming Year, Let’s…

flowersNurture our creative selves.

Cherish family and friends, laughing with them often.

Savor and share the earth’s beauty, the wealth of diverse cultures and languages, the wonder of art, and bookjoy.

Participate in growing a nation of readers since literacy is essential in a democracy.

Affirm the importance of meaningful, life-long education for all that enriches our lives and society, learning-communities of equals committed to reflection and responsible action.

Lead boldly advocating that equality always be linked to group inclusivity, the transformative power of our humanity.

Collaborate creatively with those who share our goals and values, rejecting negativity and cynicism, inspired and sustained by optimism, celebrating our successes.

Love our work, welcoming ideas, insights and strategies that deepen our full selves.

Prioritize regularly to invest our unique energy wisely.

Heed the wise who awaken our sluggish selves.

Practice gratitude, hope and faith daily.

Strive to be healthy in spirit, mind and body.

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In the coming year, let's...

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