The Remembering Day: November 2

I have so many wonderful memories of family and friends. Our lives are enriched by such memories whether we are children or adults.


The Remembering Day/El día de los muertos

The Remembering Day by Pat MoraIn this special bilingual picture book for children, Pat creates an origin myth in which she imagines how the Mexican custom of remembering deceased loved ones–El día de los muertos or the Day of the Dead–came to be. With tender illustrations by Robert Casilla that depict Bella and Mamá Alma’s loving relationship, this book will encourage children to honor loved ones, whether by writing stories and poems or creating their own remembering place.

Curriculum extensions:

  • Invite students to share stories about their relationship with a remembered loved one. Students can also share a photo or their own drawing.
  • Invite students to write a poem about a deceased family member or friend.
  • Invite students to bring photos or special objects of remembered loves ones and create a classroom, library or school display.
  • Plan a remembering day event at your school or library. You can include flowers, songs, favorite foods of loved ones, funny stories. Create a celebration of special people we have known.

Interior page from The Remembering Day/El dia de los muertos by Pat Mora Illustration by Robert Casilla from The Rememberi

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