The Spirit of Paper Tigers Project

We like keeping up with activities and news at and were excited to learn about a new project, The Spirit of Paper Tigers, just announced yesterday! The idea is to donate 100 sets of seven multicultural titles each to schools and libraries in need throughout the world. As stated on the website

“Many organizations are doing excellent work in getting books to children through schools and libraries in areas of need, and our efforts are not intended to replicate their work. The specific focus of this SPT project is to select a set of books published each year because their content, focus, and outreach express the goals of reading and literacy, as well as encouraging curiosity among young people about the world around them.”

An interesting aspect of the project is that Paper Tigers will be receiving feedback from the book set recipients and posting it on their blog.

For a list of the selected titles and more information see the Paper Tigers website and blog.


The Spirit of Paper Tigers Project — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for posting about Spirit of PaperTigers – we’re very excited about the project and are looking forward to the feedback we get from the Book Set recipients.

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