Do-it-yourself Día

7th annual Diapalooza 2016If you can’t find a nearby Día celebration, then create your own! Any combination of family+books will do! Here are a few ideas:

Family Book Fiesta
Turn tomorrow (Saturday, April 30) into your family’s very own Book Fiesta! Don’t leave the stories until bedtime – read at breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between!

Día in the park
2016 is the 20th anniversary of Día and the 100th anniversary of the National Parks. Whether your nearby park is National or not, try to enjoy it this weekend, and don’t forget to bring along some favorite books to read in the great outdoors.

Make a Día keepsake book
Honor your family by making a book about them! All you need is paper, some photos, crayons, a stapler and a great family story!

Book Fiesta

Illustration by Rafael Lopez from Book Fiesta!

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