New Book about Día from ALA Editions

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost fifteen years since Pat started talking about Dia. I still remember her telling me about her idea and my response that the Texas State Library would be happy to help promote this fabulous celebration. Why? Because linking books and children is important but it’s also fun! My staff and I put together a little booklet of ideas for librarians to use in developing a Dia celebration. I talked my artistic husband into creating a logo for the cover. That little booklet is still available on the Texas State Library and Archives website and has been shared with thousands of librarians and teachers. 
This year the American Library Association asked me to write a book about Dia to be published next year. The book will compile the history of the celebration, catalog some of the material that is available for people who are implementing community Dia programs, and celebrate the many wonderful ways that libraries and community organizations have been advocating for children and families and reading.
I’m looking forward to reading all of the entries on the Bookjoy Blog but also welcome input and material to be sent directly to me at larsonlibrary(at) yahoo(dot)com. Viva Dia! Let’s keep the celebration alive!

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