New Día Dynamo

Dr. Jamie Cambell Naidoo, Assistant & Foster-EBSCO Endowed Professor,
School of Library & Information Studies, University of Alabama  is our first Día Dynamo professor. It’s exciting to see a young academic, a staunch Día supporter, teaching through his example on his campus, in his community, and in his national professional organizations including ALA. Through his National Latino Children’s Literature Conference, his work with Día Noche de Cuentos, and school and library events, he celebrates Latino cultural literacy. In person and on the page, Jamie inspires present and future librarians and teachers when he shares Día’s goals, rationale and potential. A prolific publisher and enthusiastic, engaging presenter across the country, Jamie has a knack for making Día irresistible, an obvious family literacy initiative for all. Gracias, Jamie!
Read an interview with Jamie

Here is a quote from Jamie about Dia:

“Día provides a catalyst for dynamic cultural literacy programming in classrooms and libraries, connecting readers of all ages to high-quality, authentic literature that mirrors our culturally pluralistic society.”

Jamie talks about this year’s National Latino Children’s Literature Conference:

“I believe in the power of Día to promote literacy and have incorporated it into my National Latino Children’s Literature Conference, which is held biannually in March. Since the conference’s inception in 2007, Día has been a perfect avenue for celebrating Latino cultural literacy and distributing high-quality Latino children’s literature to children and their families via free Día community events in libraries and schools. In March 2012, I hosted a Noche de Cuentos celebration of Día at the Tuscaloosa Public Library where children and their families joined attendees from the National Latino Children’s Literature Conference and 7 Latino authors and illustrators as we celebrated bookjoy! Each child received a free copy of The Tooth Fairy Meets El Ratón Pérez and each family received a free copy of ¡Muu, Moo!: Animal Nursery Rhymes. The authors of these books engaged the children in storytelling and signed copies of their books.”

Authors & illustrators attending the 2012 NLCLC
Back L to R: René Colato Laínez, Alma Flor Ada, John Parra, Joe Cepeda
Front L to R: Jamie Naidoo, Lila Quintero Weaver, Monica Brown, Meg Medina
A Dia flower
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