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Creativity Salon: an Interview with Sylvia Vardell — 1 Comment

  1. “I do think of myself as a creative person, although oddly enough I have no aspirations to write poetry myself. “

    I bet you would write fabulous poetry, Sylvia. But of course all your other writings are tremendously creative. And not just your writings but your ideas, like the poetry tag or the way you’re doing the YALSA event. I’ve slowly come to realize how people harness their creativity in so many ways: teaching, cooking, parenting, scrapbooking, whatever. I write at the expense of many of those other ways:>)

    And frankly, if you wrote poetry, well, it would just be more passionate and skilled competition;>)

    Keep up the great work on all that you do. The celebrations you create are a creative blessing for all who love words.

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