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Libraries in over half the country will celebrate Día! — 2 Comments

  1. Día is a celebration for kids like Mother’s Day is for mom and Father’s Day is for dad.

    It doesn’t take alot of funding to showcase how much New Mexico loves it’s children. Set up a display at your store with books, toys or posters of the Día celebrations in your community. Community centers and afterschool organizations can organize a special event, like storytelling, poetry reading, or invite some local celebrities (parents) to read at your center!

    Santa Fe Author, Pat Mora is New Mexico’s jewel to start such a wonderful literacy celebration. I would like to know that every child has a book in their hands on April 30.

    Email your Senator, Representative or Congressman, share your thoughts on making April 30 officially recognized in the NM Blue Book as Día de los Ninos/Día de los Libros! After all it is as important as the state cookie, the bizcochito… Got Milk?

    Flo Trujillo
    FPL Youth Services Coordinator
    NM Afterschool Ambassador

  2. Afterschool with Dia

    Community Centers, 21st Century, YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, school and public libraries. Everyone needs to celebrate Día.

    One of our fifty is not missing (New Mexico is starting to register events!)

    Thanks for the map, I have it on our website http://www.infoway.org/kids/ElDiadeLosNinos.asp

    Flo Trujillo
    NM Afterschool Ambassador
    FPL Youth Services Coordinator

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