Día Planning Booklet

Children's Days, Book Days: Planning for a Día Year

In April 2016, Children’s Day, Book Day, often known as Día: for El día de los niños, El día de los libros, will celebrate its 20th anniversary, twenty years in which literacy advocates have motivated families in their communities to honor all children and to share bookjoy throughout the year. Annually, during April, book fiestas are held at schools, libraries, childcare centers, universities/colleges, community centers, parks, etc. In this booklet you’ll find helpful tips to share with your planning committee or colleagues. Click on a chapter link below to download/print that chapter, or Download/print the complete booklet.

Children's Days, Book Days: Planning for a Día Year
  1. Introduction and Table of Contents
  2. Pat's Vision for Children’s Day, Book Day
  3. What Every Día Advocate Needs to Know
  4. Families As Children’s Day, Book Day Partners
  5. Literacy-focused Programming I-Días
  6. Planning Checklist for April Día Celebrations
  7. Places to Celebrate Children’s Day, Book Day
  8. Día's Full Name in Different Languages
  9. Funders and Partners
  10. Children’s Day, Book Day Literacy Games
  11. Literacy-Focused Craft Ideas
  12. Día Dynamos
  13. Estela and Raúl Mora Award Winners
  14. Children's Books about sharing bookjoy
  15. Día Advocates A-Zing! Poster
  16. Growing a Nation of Readers Poster