Family Book Clubs

Book Clubs have become so popular. Anyone know why? And how do people find a book club to join? These gatherings are certainly one way that adults and teens share bookjoy. When visiting the wonderful Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County last October, I asked Tony Tallent, their Director of Youth & Outreach Services, “What about family picture book clubs?” Even in the adult population, there are adults struggling to improve their reading skills, and picture books can be so welcoming to a whole family.

I remember the reading specialist I met years ago in Maryland. She didn’t speak Spanish, but she wanted to reach out to Spanish-speaking families. She’d bring families together at a library in the evening and share picture books with them. She told me that as the children translated for their parents, the parents began to add comments and tell stories and thoroughly enjoy the books. That generous reading specialist was sure sharing bookjoy and were the families grateful.

Tony Tallent, always a doer, is trying family picture book clubs at Charlotte libraries. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have such clubs in many languages?

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