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We’re catching up on some literacy related news that we didn’t get to last month. Reach Out and Read, the non-profit, national initiative that fosters reading readiness as a crucial element of school success, launched a Spanish-language version  of its website in mid-April. The ROR program already serves Latino children and families, and 86% of programs serve families for whom Spanish is their first language. The new website offers a multitude of resources including reading tips, recommended booklists, (including some of Pat’s books) guide to developmental milestones, and information on how Spanish-speaking families can support or volunteer for ROR in their communities.


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  1. Hello Ms. Mora:
    I’m grateful for your work advocating literacy. And I love your writing. I am the Parent/Community Engagement Facilitator with Raising A Reader MA a pre-school literacy program. We partner with schools and Day care centers, providing the Red Bag Program, which is distributed and rotated every week among all the children, who bring the bag home. We involve parents who read dialogically at home with their kids. We provide workshops to share this method of reading. Latino (Mexican and Central American) families represent a large portion of the parents we work with, but we also have Brazilian, Haitian, Muslim, Cambodian, Vietnamese and a few other ethnic groups represented. Part of my job is to ensure RARMA becomes more culturally proficient (our workshops and materials) and in the ways we approach and interact with parents from so many cultures. Do you have any advice or materials you can recommend to help us advance in this goal? If you are planning to visit or do a presentation in Massachusetts or near this state please let us know. Maybe we could arrange visit to share our work and get your wisdom. Muchisimas gracias!

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