Video Readings from Día Author and Illustrator Ambassadors

Throughout this month’s Díapalooza, we’re  featuring brief videos of some of the Día Author and Illustrator Ambassadors reading from their books. Today we have a double feature! First, author, storyteller and librarian Lucia Gonzalez, and next author and illustrator, Duncan Tonatiuh. Lucia Gonzalez … Continue reading

New Día Dynamo

Dr. Jamie Cambell Naidoo, Assistant & Foster-EBSCO Endowed Professor, School of Library & Information Studies, University of Alabama  is our first Día Dynamo professor. It’s exciting to see a young academic, a staunch Día supporter, teaching through his example on his … Continue reading

Jeanette Larson Reads for Día

Throughout this month’s Díapalooza we’re showing brief videos of some of the Día Author and Illustrator Ambassadors reading aloud. They’ve created these videos especially for Díapalooza. Today Jeanette Larson shares a story from her book Hummingbirds: Facts and Fiction from the … Continue reading